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Omron M4 Blood pressure monitor

If you are interested in purchasing an Omron M4 Intelli IT, then you’re at the right place. I just bought one of these blood pressure monitors today and want to share my experience with it. Before purchasing this device, I researched online, so I have all the information you need to know before buying it yourself. 

Omron M4 Intelli IT

The Omron m4 is an upper arm blood pressure monitor. It is accurate and easy to use, which makes it perfect for anyone looking for a blood pressure monitor to use at home. In addition, this monitor is compact and lightweight, which makes it easy for anyone to carry it around with them or take it wherever they need to go.

Omron M4 Intelli IT, How does it work?

The Omron blood pressure monitor M4 works using the Omron Intelli IT technology to give the user an accurate, easy and consistent way to take blood pressure readings. In addition, the Omron m4 can detect the slightest change in your blood pressure, which makes it easier to get an accurate reading and track your blood pressure over time.

Omron m4 Intelli IT can also detect irregular heartbeats, which is excellent for those diagnosed with hypertension. In addition, the Omron blood pressure monitor m4 Intelli can connect to both iOS and Android devices, making it simple for you to share your blood pressure readings.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Omron M4

I will tell you about the Omron m4 blood pressure monitor. It has some good features, but it also has disadvantages.

  • The Advantages of the Omron M4 are as follows:
  • -Easy to set up and use; it takes less than a few minutes to have the machine ready
  • It-Great for families since it’s compatible with two users and guest mode
  • -Comfortable cuff size, especially for people who do not know how to adjust the cuff.
  • -Efficient cuff inflation – Omron M4 inflates the cuff with air in about 15 seconds, significantly faster than other models.
  • You can reset and delete all the previous BP data from the monitor, which I have explained in the video down.
  • Detect the Irregular heatbeast.
  • having motion detection.
  • Give the BP averge of the last three readings.
  • Save readings in the morning and evening time automaticaly.
  • The Disadvantages of the Omron M4 are as follows:
  • -Cannot be calibrated
  • -Requires 4 AA batteries to run, which may need replacing often
  • -Can become damaged if dropped
  • -There is no backlight on the screen.
  • -Cannot be used by more than two people and a guest at once,
  • only one user can save their blood pressure readings.
  • -The cuff is uncomfortable for people with thick arms, and it’s also on the small side.

Is it worth buying?

If you want to check your blood pressure at home quickly, the Omron M4 is an excellent choice. Otherwise, several other alternatives offer more features and better accuracy.

Price comparison of Omron Blood Pressure Monitor:

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How to use Omron M4 Intelli IT 

How to use an Omron M4 Intelli IT is simple. You must first set up the monitor before obtaining your blood pressure. This video will show you how.

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