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omron m2 vs m3

Omron M2 VS Omron M3

Omron m2 or m3


The Omron M2 and Omron M3 are both blood pressure monitors. They are the #1 selling models on Amazon, with over 6,000 reviews between them. These monitors are each about $40-$50. Both models have 4 out of 5 stars in customer reviews. This article compares these two devices to help you decide which is better for you. 

What is the difference between M2 and M3?

The Omron M2 is one of the most popular upper arm blood pressure monitors on the market. Omron M2 is the best choice for people who are just starting to monitor their blood pressure at home. It uses a fully automatic single-user mode that automatically detects upper arm size and inflates the cuff accordingly.

Also, its LCD screen makes reading results more accessible than ever before.

In addition, the Omron M3 offers slightly more advanced features, including a larger display and flexibility in terms of how you store your readings. Omron M3 can be used for 2 users and can store readings up to 60 for each user.

Omron M3

✅ store data up to 60 for each user

✅ designed for two users & Guest mode

✅ Needs time/date settings

✅ M3 comes with soft and also with comfort inflation cuff.

✅ Memory can be deleted and reset.

✅ Flashes with colored light indicators, with BP results.

✅ Detect irregular heartbeats.

✅ Motion detection.

✅ Average BP results available

Omron M2

✅ Store BP readings up to 30

✅ Designed for one user and Guest mode

✅ Does not need settings for date and time

✅ M2 comes with a soft inflation cuff.

✅ Memory can be deleted.

✅ No light indicators, only lines indicators on one side.

✅ Also detect irregular heartbeats.

✅ Only in the latest models.

✅ Average results not available

Price comparison of Omron Blood Pressure Monitor:

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The main differences between Omron M2 vs. M3 are the weight capacity and the size. While both devices are very similar, they have some essential differences that will impact your product choice for specific needs. For more details, please watch the following video,

Omron M2 vs. m3
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