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omron m3 comfort
Omron M3 comfort

Omron M3 Comfort

The Omron M3 is a popular home blood pressure monitor. It is also one of the cheapest in its class. Unlike most other home blood pressure monitors, Omron M3 is straightforward to use, thanks to its simple one-button design. 

Omron M3 doesn’t come with many bells and whistles, but what you should care about is its accuracy.

Omron M3 Comfort is clinically validated and proven to be very accurate for a home blood pressure monitor. It’s about as accurate as most doctor’s office blood pressure monitors. It is so accurate because of its unique intelligence technology, which inflates the cuff with consistent pressure. 

 Those are the main features that you should look for when choosing a monitor

Main key Features of Omron M3 Comfort

The M3 comfort is easy to use.

 It has a comfort cuff wrapped around the arm so quickly that it will be in the right place. The Omron M3 Comfort blood pressure monitor makes it easy to get a perfect BP reading at home.

Easy to use Intelli Wrap Cuff

 When you measure, use the Cuff Wrap Guide, which tells you if you have measured correctly.

 Motion Detection

Omron M3 can detect body movement. If you move, the body movement detector will let you know if there has been too much movement, which may affect your blood pressure. To get an accurate measurement, you must remain seated and calm while taking your blood pressure.

Advanced averaging technology

Omron M3 uses an advanced averaging algorithm to provide the most accurate reading possible.

wide range of arm cuff

Omron M3 comes with a wide range of sizes for its cuff, which means that Omron M3 will fit a wide range of arm sizes from very slim to very chubby arms.

Clear display

Omron M3 blood pressure monitor has a widescreen display, and you can easily see the readings.

Average Blood Pressure

The Omron M3 will only use the last 3 readings’ average to provide average BP readings. 

Irregular heatbeat detection

The Omron M3 detects irregular heartbeats, and once your blood pressure has been measured, the comfort Omron M3 will indicate whether your heart rate is regular or irregular.

 light Indicators

In M3 comfort, light indicators will show whether your blood pressure is normal (green light), elevated(yellow), or above the recommended level(red light).

Two users and a Guest mode

One of the distinguishing features of the Omron M3 comfort is two separate users and a guest mode.

Memory of Monitor

Omron M3 can store up to 60 readings per user. Guest BP readings are not saved so that they will not confuse you with your BP reading. ( How to set the Guest Mode watch this video).

Resettings & Deleting BP Data

You can easily reset the monitor and delete all previous BP readings; for details, watch the video at the end of the article.

What’s in the Omron M3 comfort box?

  1. Omron M3 Comfort blood pressure monitor
  2.  Intelli Wrap Cuff (22–42cm), medium-sized arm cuff.
  3.  Guide manual, in English and your native language
  4.  batteries and a carry pouch.

Omron M3 comfort how to use?

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