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Omron M3 Vs M6

Omron M3 vs M6 Momfort:

A comparison of Omron m3 vs m6. For each product, we’ll show you all the key product facts and give our recommendation on whether to buy the Omron m3 or the Omron m6.

The differences between the Omron M3 Comfort and Omron M6 Comfort blood pressure monitors can be significant. The M3 is a smaller device with 25% less space than the M6, while the M6 has a bigger size.

Compared to the M6, the M3 is more user-friendly and ideal for anyone unsure how to apply a cuff properly. M6 is more technical than M3.

Omron m3 vs m6
Omron m3 vs m6

The Omron M6 Comfort offers more features, including measuring morning & evening high blood pressure.

It is also compatible with the Omron M3 and M6 Comfort blood pressure monitors and other models.

Both devices have the same MDR and Heart Foundation approval. The M6 Comfort can detect morning hypertension, defined as a weekly reading above 130/85 mmHg.

Both models are very accurate and feature a large screen. Unlike the M6 Comfort, the M3 Comfort is more user-friendly and comes with a more comfortable cuff.

The Omron M6 Comfort offers a unique feature. This device measures your blood pressure in the morning and evening and measures systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

The Omron M6 device meets the validation criteria of the 2010 International ESH protocol.

M3 Comfort is better for home use, but M6 has more advanced features.

The M3 device is validated according to the international ESH protocol, and The M6 comfort has also passed this validation test. Both Omron M3 devices have the same validation criteria.

The M6 device has better accuracy and more features. It is a good choice for high-risk women with pre-eclampsia or a weakened heart.
The M6 is a more advanced model.

Features Difference of Omron M3 vs M6 Comfort:

  • The M3 features the blood pressure indicator level, for users who want to verify that their BP is in the recommended level of under 135/85 mmHg.
  • M3 comfort also has an irregular heartbeat and body movement detection sensor. 
  • Accuracy and comfort are ensured with Intellisense technology, which always inflates the cuff to peak pressure that is tailored to your blood pressure level, providing a more comfortable measurement.
  • It detects irregular pulses and decides fully automatically if the measurement result is usable or whether the measurement needs to be repeated.
  • Allows two users to store up to 60 readings each.
  • Irregular heartbeat detection,
  • Memory is upto 30 for each user.
  • High blood pressure indicator,
  • Wide range cuff 22-42cm,
  • Cuff wrapping guide,
  • Omron M3 is to handle and good for home use.
  • The Omron m6 Blood Pressure Monitor provides a range of useful indicators, including a BP level indicator to show at a glance if your blood pressure is normal or high.
  • Omron m6 blood pressure monitors monitor your morning hypertension and track irregular heartbeats for additional insight into your vascular health.
  • This digital cuff guide shows if the cuff is wrapped incorrectly and a green light shows if it’s correct.
  • The M6 can help you detect stroke risk factors.
  • Omron’s M6 Inflates the cuff to the ideal level for each use. Intelli Wrap Cuff technology reduces inaccurate measurements caused by incorrect cuff positioning.
  • Irregular heartbeat detection
  • Memory is upto 90 for each user.
  • M6 can detect AFib. (Arythmias).
  • Gives morning,evening averages and weekly averages.
  • Omron M6 comfort has more advance features like AFIB, weakly average, Moring & Evening average.

If you want to check only blood pressure at home, then Omron M3 is the best option, cheaper, and easy to use. If you want to check AFIB and weekly averages and more memory in the monitor then Omron m6 comfort Afib is best for you.

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