Ozempic Injection: A Warning You Shouldn’t Ignore!

If you experience the following symptoms after taking Ozempic Injection, stop taking it and consult a doctor IMMEDIATELY:

  •  A lump or mass in your throat, 
  • difficulty breathing, and 
  • difficulty swallowing.

Because these may be signs & symptoms of a thyroid tumor.

 if you experience 

  • skin rashes, 
  • hives, or 
  • itching.
  • Red, swollen, blistered skin.
  • wheezing, tightness in your chest or throat, difficulty speaking, or unusual hoarseness.

You should stop taking Ozempic immediately and see a doctor as these are signs of allergic reactions.

If you feel,

  •  Inability to pass urine, 
  • change in the amount of urine, and
  •  blood in the urine.

Stop taking this injection as these are signs of kidney problems.

If you feel,

  •  Sudden pain in the right upper abdomen, 
  • right shoulder area, or between the shoulder blades,
  • yellow skin or eyes, or fever with chills.
  • Very severe dizziness or fainting.

Stop taking Ozempic as these may be signs of gallstones.

You should also stop taking ozempic if you experience a 

  • fast heartbeat.
  • Vision changes.
  • New or worse behavior or mood changes such as depression or suicidal thoughts.

Severe and sometimes fatal pancreatic problems have occurred with ozempic injection. Call your doctor right away if you experience pancreatitis symptoms such as,

  • pain that starts slowly or suddenly in the upper abdomen, 
  • pain that may spread to the back, mild or severe pain that may last several days, 
  • fever, nausea, vomiting, swollen or tender abdomen.

With Ozempic injection, low blood sugar may occur. The risk may be increased if this medication is used with other diabetes medications. 

Signs of low blood sugar may include,

  •  dizziness,
  •  headache,
  •  drowsiness or weakness,
  •  tremor, 
  • fast heartbeat, 
  • confusion,
  • hunger, or 
  • sweating. 

Call your doctor right away if you have any of these signs of hypoglycemia. Follow the instructions given to you if you have hypoglycemia. This may include taking glucose tablets, liquid glucose, or certain juices.

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