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saxenda side effects


saxenda side effects
Saxenda side effects

saxenda contains liraglutide, a prescription medicine used to treat obesity in people with weight-related medical problems such as cardiovascular problems, type-2 diabetes, or high cholesterol. In this article, we will flood into the Side effects of Saxenda.

Saxenda has common side effects and may serious side effects also.

Common side effects may include,

  •  low blood sugar;( because it will increase insulin secretion from the pancreas.)
  •  nausea, vomiting ( Due to delay of gastric emptying and slow digestion, results in nausea and vomiting.)
  • stomach discomfort ( due to gastric emptying delays, it may cause pain in the stomach)
  •  loss of appetite; ( slow digestion will lead to loss of appetite)
  • diarrhea, constipation; ( Diahrea occurs in rare cases, sometimes short term for two days and sometimes lead to severe dehydration)
  • headache, dizziness; ( due to lowering blood sugar level, it may cause headache and dizziness)
  • Fatigue ( it may cause tiredness and lack of activities).
  • Gases ( it may cause sulfur burping and gases).
  • Constipation ( Constipation is the most annoying side effect of saxenda and other medications like saxenda, i.e., Ozempic, Victoza, due to delay of gastric emptying.
  •   Indigestion.
  • Bloating,
  • Anxiety and irritability.

Serous side effects and Warning!

Stop using the medication and visit your Physician if you got the following problems,

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