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saxenda vs victoza

Saxenda vs Victoza

Are you looking for saxenda vs Victoza information? If yes, then this article will help you a lot. However, the thing with most of the people is that they are unaware of saxenda vs. Victoza. So in this article, we will see, what is the difference between saxenda and Victoza?. 

To start with, we need to discuss their dosage and concentration. Like Victoza, Saxenda also comes as a pen-like injector that you can administer every day.

Victoza can be used in two divided daily doses, and saxenda is used as one does in a single shot once a day.

saxenda vs victoza
saxenda and Victoza

Difference in Dosage:

Victoza contains a 3ml solution in each pen; the active Liraglutide is 6mg/ml and delivers medication in three dosage forms, 0.6mg, 1.2mg, and 1.8mg.

While Saxenda also contains 6mg/ml, and each pen has a 3ml solution, i.e., a total of 18mg of Liraglutide in one pen. The critical difference between saxenda and Victoza is the dose delivery, i.e., saxenda delivers doses 0.6mg, 1.2mg, 1.8 mg, the same as Victoza, and two more doses as 2.4mg and 3mg in one short. 

                                 So due to the high dose delivery like 2.4mg and 3mg in one short, the saxenda is ideal in weight loss management as compared to Victoza, which can not deliver high doses like 2.4mg and 3mg per short, and you have to take 1.2 and 1.8 to make up 3mg dose.

Saxenda vs Victoza for Weight loss:

Saxenda vs Victoza for weight loss!. Saxenda is approved for weight loss, but Victoza is only approved for the management of diabetes type-2. 

Victoza is effective in weight loss for obese diabetic patients. Saxenda, in combination with a reduced-calorie diet and exercise, can be used for weight management in adult patients with obesity and overweight. It can also be used by non-diabetic obese and overweight people to lose weight.

                 One thing more, Saxenda is also a prescription medication, and your physician will make lab analysis and decide if it’s appropriate for you to start Saxenda or not.

Difference in Pakaging:

If The box of Victoza contains two pens, you get 36mg of Liraglutide; if The package of saxenda includes five Pens, you get 90mg of Liraglutide.

saxenda vs victoza price

The price of Saxenda may be pricy than Victoza due to the advanced dose delivery system.

Are Victoza and saxenda the same thing?

Victoza and saxenda have the same active, “Liraglutide,” but Victoza is approved for diabetes type-2 management, and saxenda is approved for weight loss. 

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