Sore Throat, A Guide on The Causes, Types, And Treatments.

Introduction This article will walk you through the types of sore throat, causes, treatment, and preventions of sore throat. You all may know that cold and cough are not good feelings. But we often don’t pay attention to sore throat and what we can do about it. A typical sore throat can be caused by cold and flu, but there are different kinds of sore throat. So we need to know and identify the different types to cure it immediately and avoid further damage to our body. Here, we will look at all of that aspects. What is Sore Throat A sore throat is usually pain, burning, or discomfort of the throat, which often occurs more frequently when you swallow than when you breathe out. In medical terms, it is an inflammation of the larynx or neck area and is quite commonly known as pharyngitis. Types and Causes  There are two main types of sore throat which are viral and bacterial sore throats.  A viral sore throat, the most common type of sore throat, usually remains present around 2-3 days with a feeling of pain in your whole throat.  In many cases, you might find that your lymph nodes under

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