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Lantus Solostar: A Complete Guide To The New Insulin.

What is Lantus? The Lantus is a brand name for Sanofi, which is a prescription medicine and is used to treat and manage: Diabetes Type-1 in children and adults aged six years or older. Adults with Type-2 diabetes It contains the drug insulin glargine, long-acting insulin. This drug is available in two forms of dosage, the vial, and the pen, also known as solostar. Lantus Vial The vial is filled with 10ml of the solution, i.e., and it contains 100 IU insulin glargine for each milliliter. Thus, the total amount of insulin in the vial is 1000 in IU. Therefore, the solution is possible to use a 1ml (calibrated using IU) injection beneath the skin. Lantus Solostar Solostar pen has 3mL of insulin glargine, the equivalent of 100 units per milliliter of solution. A pen is comprised of 300 IU of insulin Glargine. For example, the Solostar, one box is made up of five solostar pens. Thus, one package contains 1500 IU insulin Glargine. Lantus mechanism of action To know the way glargine functions throughout the body? Let me first explain the insulin mechanism in the body. Natural insulin aids in the transfer of sugar from the blood into the

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Lantus vs. Toujeo – A Comparison of both Long-Acting Insulin Injections.

 Lantus Vs. Toujeo Lantus & Toujeo are both the most common brands of insulin glargine available in the market. In this article, I have compared the Lantus Vs. Toujeo. In my analysis, I have concluded that this insulin can be safely used in patients who have diabetes because they are safer than other long-acting insulin. Also, both of them are proven to be equally effective in controlling patients’ blood sugar levels. The Toujeo and Lantus, both Lantus (brand of insulin) injections, are Glargine (a long-acting form of insulin), indicated for Type-1 and Type-2 diabetes. Both are brands of Sanofi Aventis.                    The Main Difference between Lantus & Toujeo Lantus vs. Toujeo Both drugs contain long-acting insulin glargine used to treat and manage Diabetes Type-1 and Type-2. Because Toujeo has a longer half-life than Lantus solostar, it doesn’t require as many injections per day. Toujeo is very concentrated, which means that you can inject it in a smaller volume than Lantus. Toujeo helps keep blood sugar levels more steady than Lantus, so there’s less risk that you’ll suffer from hypoglycemia Toujeo appears to have fewer blood-glucose-lowering side effects than Lantus. Toujeo is for

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