What is Nasonex Nasal Spray? || Nasonex || Mometasone nasal spray

 Nasonex Nasal Spray Nasonex spray is a steroid nasal spray, contains the active ingredient “Mometasone” that helps control the inflammation of inflamed sinuses. In addition, the spray acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, reducing the swelling and pain caused by allergies, rhinitis, coughs, colds, and other infections. Nasonex nasal spray is available over the counter, but your doctor must prescribe it before use. Nasonex nasal spray works by creating a temporary ‘mini-explosion of steroids in the lining of the sinus passages. By creating this highly effective aerosol, the spray gives quick relief of symptoms and reduces the possibility of permanent scarring, and improves the patient’s ability to breathe normally. Dosage of Nasonex Nasonex nasal spray must be used every morning and night.              The nasal spray is not recommended to be used during the daytime. Instead, it is advised to take two sprays per dose, no more than one and a half hours before going to bed. Nasonex spray can be combined with other medications such as decongestants and antihistamines to provide additional relief to your symptoms. The nasal spray may also be combined with decongestant drugs for better effect. Be sure to ask your pharmacist if

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