Introduction To Saxenda: A New weight loss Drug.

What is saxenda? Saxenda contains “Liraglutide,” the same as a hormone that occurs naturally in the human body and controls blood sugar and insulin levels.  It is a prescription medication, and your doctor will prescribe it after proper investigation and evaluate your health condition, body response, side effects, and contraindications. Self-using of liraglutide-containing medicines may cause serious health problems. Saxenda Pharmaceutical dosage form: The Saxenda injection is a type of auto-injector pen containing the medication solution for subcutaneous use. It is available in a box consisting of 5 prefilled pens. Each pen contain 3 ml solution in a concentration of liraglutide 6mg per ml, so each pen contains 18mg of liraglutide. You can use this injection at home easily by giving it sub-cutaneously each day. What is saxenda used for? Saxenda is used with diet and exercise to treat obesity in adults with weight-related medical problems, children with obesity over 60 kg (132 lbs) above their ideal weight, and adults with moderate to severe central obesity. However, you can not use this insulin for treating type 1 diabetes. Therefore, it is essential to follow your doctor’s instructions about all your medications. Dosage Guideline: The Patients taking Saxenda should follow a

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