Saxenda side effects- learn more about Saxenda with pictures.

Saxenda: saxenda contains liraglutide, a prescription medicine used to treat obesity in people with weight-related medical problems such as cardiovascular problems, type-2 diabetes, or high cholesterol. In this article, we will flood into the Side effects of Saxenda. Saxenda has common side effects and may serious side effects also. Common side effects may include,  low blood sugar;( because it will increase insulin secretion from the pancreas.)  nausea, vomiting ( Due to delay of gastric emptying and slow digestion, results in nausea and vomiting.) stomach discomfort ( due to gastric emptying delays, it may cause pain in the stomach)  loss of appetite; ( slow digestion will lead to loss of appetite) diarrhea, constipation; ( Diahrea occurs in rare cases, sometimes short term for two days and sometimes lead to severe dehydration) headache, dizziness; ( due to lowering blood sugar level, it may cause headache and dizziness) Fatigue ( it may cause tiredness and lack of activities). Gases ( it may cause sulfur burping and gases). Constipation ( Constipation is the most annoying side effect of saxenda and other medications like saxenda, i.e., Ozempic, Victoza, due to delay of gastric emptying.   Indigestion. Bloating, Anxiety and irritability. Serous side effects and Warning! Stop using

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