What is Soliqua Solostar? Soliqua side effects!

Soliqua solostar  Sanofi manufactures Suliqua solostar, which is an anti-diabetic drug. Soliqua solostar is a mixture of insulin glargine, long-acting insulin, and lixisenatide, a glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonist.   Soliqua Solostar Dosage form 1. Soliqua (100/33 units) In a 3-mL Solostar pen, Soliqua 100/33 includes 100 units of insulin glargine and 33 mg of Lixisenatide. 2. Soliqua 100/50: In a 3mL Solostar pen, Soliqua 100/50 has 100 units of insulin glargine and 50 mg of Lixisenatide. Soliqua Solostar Uses: Soliqua Solostar insulin injection is a great option to use in conjunction with exercise and diet to help improve the control of glycemic levels in those who have Type 2 Diabetes. An injection generally administers Soliqua under the skin. Soliqua insulin can’t be given intramuscularly, intravenously, or through an insulin pump. Soliqua Injections that are cold should not be used; instead, let them be normal to room temperature before use. Soliqua is an excellent choice to regularly inject through the abdominal region, the hip, or the upper arm. You should rotate the injection site every time you take soliqua to prevent lipodystrophy or localized skin amyloidosis.    Dose of Soliqua at least an hour before your breakfast. It is best to do this

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