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What is NoVorapid flexpen? Side Effects, dosage forms!

Novorapid Flexpen

Novorapid Flexpen is a Novonordisk brand.

This insulin injection contains an immediate-acting insulin drug to treat the symptoms of diabetes mellitus that affect adults and children.


Active Ingredients

This injection contains a fast-acting insulin Aspart. The pre-filled pen includes 3ml of solution equivalent to up to 300 units.

1 mL of the solution has 100 units of insulin aspart, equal to roughly 3.5 milligrams of insulin aspart.

Pharmaceutical dosage forms:

Novo Rapid vials.

One ml of Novo’s rapid solution contains 100 units of insulin aspart.

A vial of 10ml is which is equivalent to 1,000 units.

2. Novo rapid pen fill.

A cartridge holds 3 ml equivalent to 300 units.

1 ml solution contains 100 units of insulin aspart.

3.NovoRapid FlexPen/ InnoLet/ FlexTouch

The pre-filled pen comes with 3 ml of solution.

One milliliter of solution contains 100 units. So one pen can include 300 insulin units as part.

4.NovoRapid PumpCart

One cartridge is 1.6 milliliters or 160 units. Thus, 1 ml of the solution includes 100 units of insulin aspart.

Dosage of Novorapid Flexpen.

The doctor will determine the dosage based on the requirement for insulin to regulate the blood sugar levels.

One Pen has 100 units/ml. Use according to the directions.


NovoRapid can be used for treating diabetes mellitus Type-1 adults and children one year and above and in Diabetes type-2 in adulthood.


  • This insulin should not be used when there is sensitivity to the active substance and any other excipients.
  • This insulin is not recommended during hypoglycemic episodes.

Novorapid flexpen Side effects

  • Hypoglycemia is a common occurrence in the use of insulin in all forms.
  • Redness and reactions at the site of injection are typical side effects.
  • The deposition of the lipids and the size of the injection site is common to all insulin injections.

Novorapid Flexpen use in Pregnancy

NovoRapid (insulin aspart)is suitable for women who are pregnant.

In the clinical study, it was not observed no adverse side effects of insulin aspart in Pregnancy.

Novorapid Flexpen during the breastfeeding

 During breastfeeding, the NovoRapid dose could need adjustments. However, there aren’t any limitations on insulin dosage for breastfeeding mothers.

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